Monday, May 4, 2009

In Conclusion...

Overall, I've taken a lot away from this class. I've learned a lot of useful skills about the different softwares, tools, etc. The most valuable thing I have taken, however, was learning how important it is to manage time and monitor productivity in that time. I still haven't harnessed the skill of being productive (or efficient), but I feel that I will get there. This class taught me a lot about pleasing the client and meeting deadlines. Sometimes it almost took me to my breaking point, but it also made me push myself to do better and try my hardest, which isn't something that I always have to do...

I have chosen to switch my major, not because I don't like design, but because juggling two majors is just too much for me right now. I will take this knowledge that I have gained from this course and apply it to my Communication major somewhere down the road. I'm very glad that I took this course because it will be nice to tell a future employer that I not only have skills in Journalism and Communications, but I have also had a hand in Layout and Graphic Design. It's nice to be well-rounded. :)

Final Portfolio - Proficiency Photoshop

As far as Photoshop goes, I feel that this piece turned out pretty well! I used this tool a lot in high school as Layout and Design editor, so I was extremely excited that we got to use it in this class as well. Since I was familiar with this tool going into the assignment, I found it to be particularly easy, but I ran into complications with his hand. I couldn't find the right shades to go with certain parts and made funny matching mistakes, but I still think that project turned out nicely. I like using the stamping tool, so this was a good project for me. And, besides, it's my little brother - I love that guy!

Final Portfolio - Proficiency Illustrator

I used the sunglasses for my Illustrator project because in my opinion, they turned out perfectly. Now... that's not a word I throw around too often, but I loved these glasses. I spent hours upon hours on them and was so excited to get them turned in finally. These were extremely difficult because of all the little pieces and intricate details, but they are awesome! I honestly could not be more proud of any other project I have done this semester!

Final Portfolio - Proficiency InDesign

I chose the Indie poster for my Proficiency in InDesign because it was my best work. While it's simple and to the point, I think that it makes a statement. I really like the violin head, made from the clipping path. I also loveee the overlapping words as the title. I took a lot of suggestions that we made in class and applied them to this piece. I think that it is one of the best projects I have done all year and I could not be happier with it!

Final Portfolio - Creative Concept

I chose my Batman Convention poster as my creative concept piece because it was one of the only projects all year that fully allowed me to design something at my own will. I wrote the copy, designed the car and logo, and found a way to piece it all together without any restrictions or limits. I think that if I had spent more time on the layout, I would have liked it better, but I am pleased with the overall turnout of the Ride Poster. I love my Batmobile!

Final Portfolio - Typography / Typesetting

I chose the Indie poster for my typography/typesetting portfolio insert because I really liked this poster. Of all of the InDesign projects I have done, this was by far my favorite. I really liked how I fit in the words "Wanted", "Indie", and "Violin." I loved the overlap of the words and how they made the poster work. I really enjoyed working on this piece!

Final Portfolio - Design

I chose to use the Marceline pamphlet at my design choice because I feel that this was one of my better marker comps. I spend a lot of time on this comp and think that it turned out pretty well. I wish that I had used more color in the design, but, overall, I was pleased with it. The product came out almost exactly as I had planned it! Woo!